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PostSubject: !!!Rules!!!   Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:09 am

1.Respect all the players and especially the admins!!!
2.No begging for admin levels!
3.No racism or any other type of disrespect!
4.Any type of cheating and or hacking is no toleration and will result in a immediate PermanentBAN.
5.Allways listen to admins! If they are wrong or behaving in a bad way, post on forums!
6.Do not Disrespect Admins and Fellow Players in any way!

7.Admins, do not admin abuse in any way with the !give !ammopack ect.. you will be Demoted on Sight. If seen admin abusing please report on forums

Breaking any of these rules will result in anything from a simple warning to a permanent BAN.
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